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Weather and Climate Extremes and their Predictability. Barcelona, Spain, from September 27 to 29, 2022

we are glad to announce the conference:

Weather and Climate Extremes and their Predictability taking place in Barcelona, Spain, from September 27 to 29, 2022

Invited/keynote speakers include:

-          - Ileana Blade, Universitat de Barcelona

-          - Juliette Blanchet, Institut de Geosciences de l’Environnement, Grenoble

-          - Dim Coumou, VU Amsterdam

-          - Marlene Kretschmer, Reading University (TBC)

-          - Frederic Vitart, ECMWF, Reading 

      (more invited speakers to come)

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS for posters and short contributed talks is open until June 30

To submit an abstract please register first at:

Please, upload there the abstract of your contribution in pdf, including title, authors, tentative presenting author (underlined), affiliation, abstract text, acknowledgements, and a possible bibliographical reference, in no more than one page (except if one figure is included). Please, note that the CV requested in the web is not mandatory.

There is no registration fee for the conference.

This is the Final Conference of the CAFE Project (Climate Advanced Forecasting of sub-seasonal Extremes,

The topics of the conference are meteorological and climate extreme events, their process understanding, their forecasting (with a strong focus on sub-seasonal time scale), and their response to climate change.

In the conference, scientists from different disciplines will discuss the open problems and the most recent advances in the topics of interest. Also, the conference will facilitate contact with stakeholders (weather/climate services, risk analysis consultants, insurance companies, final users…) to learn about their needs and exchange policy-relevant knowledge. 

The conference is planned to be an in-person discussion and networking event.

Further information and updates at the conference web (given above). Information on accommodation close to the conference venue also there.

Some updates also on Twitter:    @CAFE_S2SExtrem

Conference venue: Casa Convalescencia, S. Antoni Maria Claret 171, Barcelona

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