About the First Assembly FEIASOFI (Madrid, 20-22 September 2006)

asambleageneralThe Council of the “Federación Iberoamericana de Sociedades de Física” (FEIASOFI) was held in Madrid (Spain), from 20 to 22 of September. This was the first General Assembly, bringing together presidents and representatives from the physical societies of the Latin-American countries plus Portugal and Spain. Although representatives from the entire region were no present, e.g. the presidents of Brazil and Paraguay had an important problem just in the last minute, those present, from fourteen countries, were able to establish several agreements to start the normal life of the Federation. This meeting was supported jointly by two Governmental Spanish institutions: the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and the Spanish Foundation of Science and Technology (FECYT); and was also supported by a Spanish private institution, the BBVA Foundation.

This Federation is a not for profit association whose purpose is to promote physics and physicists in Iberoamérica. The first name of this federation was   “Unión Iberoamericana de Sociedades de Física” (UISF), and it was created in 1996 by the president of the Federation of the Latin-American Physical Societies, and the presidents of the Spanish Royal Physical Society and the Portuguese Physical Societies. In September 2005, in La Plata (Argentina), the representatives of the different physical societies decided to approve a Constitution and they changed the name in order to stress the continuity of the Federation of the Latinomerican physical societies. The last meeting of   UISF was held in Madrid in December of 2003, where also the president of EPS, Prof. Martin Hubber and the International Coordinator of WYP2005 and past president of EPS, Prof. Martial Ducloy participated. See the first Photo.

In this first Council of FEIASOFI, during three days, we have accepted the creation of the first four divisions: Atomic, Molecular and Cluster Physics Division; Condensed Matter Division; Education in Physics Division; Statistical and Nonlinear Physics Division. We have decided also to establish the permanent seat in Montevideo (Uruguay) and will be registered as society in this country, but we will have also a second provisional seat in Madrid (Spain). Several scientific activities, like schools, workshops and conferences will be supported and promoted by the Federation. In particular, a school in Medical Physics will be organized by the executive committee in Guatemala in 2007. FEIASOFI will also support several programs as “Science on Stage”, “New Talents in Physics” and the Iberoamerican Physical Olimpiad. It was clear for all the participants, that a strong effort will be necessary to promote the education in physics in all levels, because it constitutes an important step to strengthen the physics in the region. Another important decision was taken about the official journal of FEIASOFI “Revista Iberoamericana de Física” that it was first published at Madrid in 2005, and from now, it will continue to be published every six months.

All the council was held in the main building of the CSIC, apart from the official presentation of the Federation that was in the palace of “Casa de América” on 21st, and the last session that was held in the seat of the BBVA Foundation on 22nd. Several invited representatives of the CSIC, FECYT, and BBVA Foundation have also participated in the Council.

In the second photo appears the official presentation of this Assembly in the “Casa de América”, in the table, from the left, are the actual president of the Spanish Royal Physical Society (RSEF), prof. Antonio Fernández-Rañada, the representative of the Spanish International Cooperation Agency, Mónica Ruiz, the president of the FEIASOFI, prof. Gerardo Delgado-Barrio, the general secretary of the FEIASOFI, prof. Raul Grigera and the president of the FECYT, prof. Joan Comella. In the third photo appears, in the “Casa de América” all the participants in this council together with the representative of the EPS and member of the Executive Board, prof. Victor Velasco.

Finally, a very important goal for this Federation is to establish, not only a very strong collaboration among the physical societies in Iberoamerica, but also with APS and EPS. As a first step the federation has invited the APS and the EPS to participate in the council.

Gerardo Delgado Barrio
President of FEIASOFI
IMAFF (CSIC) Madrid-Spain
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